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Scoot to Shoot 2018

29th Sep 2018 (Saturday) 2pm to 9pm

Participating fee $15 PAssion card member and $18 non PAssion member.

*** NDP Month Registration Promo  @ $8.90 ***

Tee shirt collection will be at Tanjong Pagar CC during the SRP

Participants to register for Safe Ride Programme (SRP) in one of the time slots provided (to be conducted by trained instructor at Tanjong Pagar CC), Certificate for Side Ride Programme will be issued:

    a) 22 Sep 2018, 2.00pm Saturday

    b) 22 Sep 2018, 4.00pm Saturday

    c) 22 Sep 2018, 6.00pm Saturday

    d) 23 Sep 2018, 2.00pm Sunday

    e) 23 Sep 2018, 4.00pm Sunday

    f) 23 Sep 2018, 6.00pm Sunday

Goodie bags and light refreshment will be provided on the day of event, 29 Sep 2018


First 100 participants to register will entitle to early bird draw worth $1,400. Total participants cap at 240 pax.


All participants can uploaded their photos taken for the photo competition and win prizes worth $4,000 using their registration number by 1st October 2018.   #hashtag Tanjong Pagar CC photoclub, Hwawei, Kernel Scooter and AP


Each participant may submit up to 10 entries for the photo contest.

Please Read

Code of Conduct

Event Rules and Regulations

Runners' Entitlements

Event tee shirt

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