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OTH Virtual Duathlon 2020/21

21 Dec 2020 - 3 Jan 2021

*All must use a real bicycle and cycle/run outdoors with the D3_VR GPS Tracking app, indoor gym equipment is not allowed.

The Virtual Duathlon is a run and cycle event co-organised by Our Tampines Hub (OTH) and Tampines West CSC. The objective is for participants to run and cycle outdoors starting from 21 Dec 2020 and ending on 3 Jan 2021.
Participants must use a GPS app to record their run and cycling distances to submit. They must submit one distance in Dec 2020 and the other in 2021.

There are 5 categories -

Open Female - Run 20km Cycle 100 km
Open Male - Run 20km Cycle 100 km

Masters Female (40 yrs & above as at 1 Jan 2020) - Run 10 km & cycle 80 km
Masters Male (40 yrs & above as at 1 Jan 2020) - Run 10 km & cycle 80 km

Mixed Team Open consist 1 male & 1 female - Run 40 km & cycle 200 km in total

All are welcome to participate and event is free.

Logging Activity

Please install the D3VR App and check your confirmation slip for the D3VR ID#​. The D3VR ID# will be issued closer to the start of the event.

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Participant's Entitlements

Finisher Medals

Collection of - TBA on event close

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