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50 Hours Non-stop Run 2020


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Due to the current health situation in Singapore, the organiser regret to inform you that the 50 Hours Non Stop Run 2020 will be cancelled.
The majority of you decided on Option 2 over Option 1 by 80% to 20%. As such , we will follow the majority decision to issue the race pack, finisher medal and/or finisher based on the category you had registered for the run.

An email update has been sent to all participants

The time slot for your collection on 6 Sep ( Sunday ) will be sent to you by email at Tampines West Community Club in compliance with the covid safety management measures.

If you are unable to collect in person, you can authorisation someone to collect on your behalf by signing the authorisation form and attached a copy of your confirmation slip.



For further information, please email to 
SQ at or Dick at

The 50 Hours Non Stop Run is into its sixth year and is organised by Tampines West Community Sports Club(CSC). The venue for the Run is Bedok Reservoir Park with start / end point near car park A.  

This Run is to challenge participant to push their limits in achieving the running distance of 5 laps (21.5km), 10 laps (43km) , 15 laps (64.5km) and the maximum 20 laps (86km) at their own pace and time within the 50 hours duration. This is a non-competitive event and times are not recorded.

A Fun Run category is added to the Run and its for 1 lap of 4.3km only.

Participant win finisher medals upon completing the fun run category of 1 lap (4.3km) and distances of 5 laps (21.5km) , 10 laps (43km) , 15 laps (64.5km) and 20 laps (86km). Each participant can win up to 4 finisher medals if they signed up for the 86 km category.

Finisher tee is also given to those who completed 15 laps (64.5km) and 20 laps (86km). Runner can choose to opt for only 1 finisher tee instead of 2 for the 86km category at a lower price.

No finisher medal will be awarded for incomplete laps other than the stipulated laps of 5, 10 , 15 and 20 respectively.

Participant who register for the Run must select their preferred start time so that we can spread out the number of runners on the track during the 50 hours duration. Runners can report later than their registered start time but not earlier. Register early to get your preferred start time as each start time is limited to a certain number of runners.

There is no time limit for runner to complete each lap, runner can choose to run 3 laps, go for a rest and come back later to complete the other laps so long it is within the 50 hours duration.

All who signed up for the Fun Run category will start their run on 12 Apr at 0800 hrs.

Registration Fee

Early Bird Rate (till 12 Jan 2020)/Passion Card

Up to 21.5 Km $20
Up to 43 Km $25
Up to 64.5 km $30
Up to 86 km $40
​Fun Run ( 4.3 Km ) $10

Normal Rate

Up to 21.5 Km $24
Up to 43 Km $29
Up to 64.5 km $34
Up to 86 km $44
​Fun Run ( 4.3 Km ) $13


Runners' Entitlements


Event tee shirt

Water bottle

Other items

If sign up for 15 laps or up to 64.5 km , runners will receive 3 finisher medals ( 5,10,15 laps ) plus finisher tee for 15 laps

For 20 laps , runners will receive 4 Finisher medals (5,10,15,20 laps) plus finisher tee for 15 & 20 laps
– you can choose to collect only 1 finisher tee for the 86 Km at a lower rate of $35 early bird period or $39 normal period

For 10 laps up to 43 km, Only 2 finisher medals (5,10) with no finisher tee
​For Fun Run category , 1 finisher medal awarded only
Finisher medal awarded to Completion of 5 laps , 10 laps , 15 laps and 20 laps
​Finisher tee awarded to 15 laps and 20 laps Category ( runner signing up for 86 km category to choose between 1 or 2 finisher tee )


This year Run is a “green” Run to support the environment by reducing waste - no paper cups will be provided at hydration points. Runners to bring their own water bottle to fill up water at the hydration point or use the water bottle in the race pack


Event T-shirt


Finisher T-shirt



Contact Us

For further info or enquiry please contact the organiser at

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